We're like Comedy Central’s “Key and Peele” if they were Asian Americans! It’s like SNL would be if they ever hired Asian Americans!  It’s like “Mad TV” if Bobby Lee was EVERY member of the cast!  Okay, so now you get the picture: it’s comedy with an Asian American flair.  And trust us, there’s LOTS to laugh about when it comes to Asians. The Warriors comic duo of Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle and Greg Watanabe probe and sniff along the Pacific Rim for the funniest topics.  Restaurants in China that sell only meals with animal penises?  Japan and Korea arguing over hosting the World Cup 2002?   Yup, the Warriors do a comedic slam dunk on all these topics and MORE!   Including non-Asian topics like online dating! OMG!

Together since 1994, the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors have performed from New York to Los Angeles, from Hong Kong to Vancouver. They were named by the San Francisco Bay Guardian as the Bay Area's BEST comedy troupe in 2005 and were Sketch Comedy Champions in 2006 and 2010! Inspired by groups such as Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Culture Clash, SNL, and Kids in the Hall, their irreverent style of sketch comedy ranges from slapstick to political and takes no prisoners.