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*  "18 MMW are Busy Defining AA Comedy" by Bernice Yeung (San Jose Metro, July 24-30, 1997)
* "Mighty Funny Myths" by Victoria Finlay (South China Morning Post,Wednesday, January 24, 1996)
* "Good Enough Mix" by Kevin Ma (Fringe Cats: A review broadsheet for the Hong Kong Fringe Festival '96,   January 22,  1996)
* "Comedy Troupe Mines Asian American Market" by Annie Nakao (San Francisco Examiner, Thursday,     July 13, 1995)
*  "Nothing's Sacred" by Carolyn Jung (San Jose Mercury News EYE, June 21, 1996)
* "18 MMW Rocks Our Second Choice" by Jeff Liu (Pacific Ties, Monday, April 29, 1996)
* "Sending up the stereotypes" by Dennis Eng (Hong Kong Standard, Friday, January 19, 1996)


"Nothing is sacred to the Bay Area's only Asian-American skit comedy troupe.  Amy Tan, lactose intolerance, mah-jongg and internment camps all get skewered here."
        -Carolyn Jung, San Jose Mercury News

"...heartily funny, energetic and fully in touch with the crazy side of 1990s' culture."
        -Victoria Finlay, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

"A mishmash of 'Monty Python's Flying Circus,' 'In Living Color,' 'Saturday Night Live' and 'Culture Clash.'"
        -Annie Nakao, San Francisco Examiner

"It's not purely Asian American comedy.  They step out and make a broader statement.  And the difference is that they can make fun of themselves.  It's not 'pity, pity, pity me for being Asian American,' but 'laugh with me, laugh at me, if you'd like to, because I invite you to.'"
        -Tamlyn Tomita, Actress

"its 3am and I cannot forget a comedy group we just produced at our late night comedy slams in san francisco, there were many militant groups, but one took the cake in its militancy, activism and sheer brilliance, peep the 18 MIGHTY MOUNTAIN WARRIORS, they fucken rule!"
        -richard montoya, Culture Clash, somewhere on the road!

"18 Mighty Mountain Warriors from San Francisco have exhausted virtually everything in the comic repertoire to put together an evening of comedy skits that even the creators of New York's famed Saturday Night Live might be proud of."
        -Kevin Ma, FringeCats, HongKong

"In these tiptoe-around-the-issues, let's-not-offend-anybody times,the Warriors go out of their way to prick sensibilities...They (sic) buck Asian American stereotypes by making you laugh."
        -Pat Corcoran, Face Magazine

"Limited by stereotypes but undaunted by the difficulties inherent in mainstream American theatre, the members of the San Francisco-based 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors... are a mixed bag when it comes to poking fun at the many issues concerning Asian-Americans."
        -Dennis Eng, HongKong Standard

 "The 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors Bring on Tears of Laughter!"
        -J.K. Hom, AsianWeek

"They have some very good writing and they're all outstanding performers."
        -Dan Kwong, Curator, Highways Performance Gallery

 "The 18MMW are best known for their outlandish skits where anything goes..."
         -Keith Nitta and Jeff Liu, Rafu Shimpo

"Everybody from 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors, GET THE FUCK OUT!!"
       -some proprietor at some bar, somewhere


Eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows!
    -S. Cheong, Choi, Tampa, FL (From a questionnaire after UNC show)

sorry, there are so many of you i can't remember which is which. i was the one wearing a long white dress with white gloves on. what were you wearing? BAPPY (sic) VALENTINES DAY! Glad you enjoyed the stay here!
    -Annie (from e-mail after UNC show)

RUSSEL WONG JOKES, please.  And no matter what anyone says, MORE GUNS.
    -Michelle Premsrirat

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